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We want to make lunch the way you like to eat it!

In June of 2011 students at all elementary schools throughout Johnston as well as students at St. Rocco School were asked to take the “My Mama’s Meatball” challenge by submitting entries for their families’ favorite beef meatball recipe. All summer long we tested out these new and improved recipes and have been serving “from scratch” meatballs on the lunch menu ever since. The winning recipe included fresh chopped garlic and grated parmesan cheese creating an irresistible smell in the kitchen every meatball day! Meatballs have been the first step in our endeavor to bring more home cooking to the students in Johnston, but we haven’t stopped there. We continue to test out new home-made entrees weekly and in addition to scratch made meatballs we have also begun to experiment with new items like Chicken & Dumpling, Pulled Pork and Home-made Chicken Soup!

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