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Why eat Breakfast?

Breakfast is proven to be good for children’s bodies and their minds. Research shows that children who eat breakfast have improved memory, problem-solving skills, verbal fluency and creative abilities. School Breakfast really is the most important meal of the day for kids and provides the necessary fuel to start a day of learning and achievement. Research has shown that children who eat breakfast at school:

• Score better in standardized tests
• Have fewer health issues
• Behave better in class

Research also shows that kids who skip breakfast rarely make up for missed nutrients later in the day – so skipping breakfast could also affect the after school activities that they really love!

School Breakfast: Good for your Kids
School breakfast provides 25% of the recommended daily allowance of protein, calcium and iron, vitamins A and C and calories for your kids as well as meeting federal nutrition guidelines based on the Dietary Guidelines for Americans.

What’s in a meal?
Menus change daily, but are designed to meet a child’s needs. The breakfast line-up includes this good stuff:
• Milk
• Fruits, 100% juice or vegetables
• Breads or other whole grains including cereal
• Meat and/or meat alternates

Source: School Nutrition Association 2009

BREAKFAST: An Energizing Start  to Your Day
Your breakfast choices help determine your energy level for the rest of your morning. When breakfast consists mostly of sugary foods, you experience a quick rise in your blood sugar, causing a surge in energy. But after about an hour, your blood sugar and energy both decline and you’re hungry again, long before lunch. Your breakfast can do more for you. A balanced breakfast (like the options offered at school) of carbohydrates, protein and fat causes a more gradual release of energy over the entire morning, maintains your blood sugar levels and delays hunger until it’s time for lunch. The easy breakfast options below are packed with nutrients from three or more food groups.
Source: ADA Public Relations Team

Try some of these great tasting breakfast ideas to fuel your child’s day:

  • Rice Pudding – Mix leftover rice, low-fat yogurt, dried fruit, nuts and cinnamon.
    Pita Pizza – Fill pita bread with your favorite low-fat cheese, cooked lean meat, and vegetables. Heat in microwave.
    Sandwich Roll-up – Try peanut butter and banana or jelly on a flour tortilla.
    Fruit Salad – Mix fruit with low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese and top with granola.
    Egg Burrito – Fill a soft flour tortilla with scrambled eggs, boiled potato, refried beans, or salsa.
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Sunday, March 01st, 2009 | Author:

Rhode Island Wellness Wise Newsletter for Parents, March 2009

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Thursday, January 01st, 2009 | Author:

Rhode Island Wellness Wise Newsletter for Parents, January 2008


  • Chariho Goes Hi-Tech
  • Be a Healthy Role Model
  • Parent Tips

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Brochure for parents containing general information about the R.I. School Food and Nutrition Program.

Monday, December 01st, 2008 | Author:

Rhode Island Wellness Wise Newsletter for Parents, December 2008


  • Rhode Island Harvest Fest
  • Building Community: Election Day Painting Party at Scituate, RI
  • Smart Snacking Tips

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Rhode Island Wellness Wise Newsletter for Parents, November 2008


  • Nutritious and Kid Friendly
  • Celebrating Rhode Island Farms
  • Talking to your Kids about Healthy Choices

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