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1. How did RIDE select ARAMARK to provider of the Statewide School Food Service Program?


In 2006, after a transparent and detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) process in which other food management companies also participated, ARAMARK was selected for the following reasons:


          Strongest nutrition and nutrition education programs

o        Experience delivering against stringent nutrition requirements

          Lowest total cost provider and highest scores in all evaluation categories

          Most comprehensive, thoughtful, and detailed operations plan

          Highest capital investment for RI schools.

o        Technology, equipment, nutrition education, marketing, employee training

          Significant economic and community investment in RI and strong presence in the region with over 9300 employees

          Excellent relationships with RI organized labor

          Demonstrated track record of successfully managing programs of similar size


2. What is RINR 2009?


The Rhode Island Nutrition Requirements 2009 (RINR 2009) are designed to increase consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as to utilize reduced sodium foods, products with more than 50% whole grains, 100% juice drinks with no added sugar or artificial sweeteners, and low and fat free milk.


ARAMARK’s program was specifically built to comply and implement these standards that exceed federal nutrition requirements for meals and snacks and it assures consistent implementation of these standards across the state.


3. How is this program transparent?


The Statewide School Food Service program is built upon complete fiscal transparency and accountability at all levels (State, district). Program benefits include:


          No hidden fees or markups

          Open-book procurement through bulk purchasing power

          No complicated, time-consuming RFP process needed; districts can switch directly to program using pre-approved form contract.


4. If my school district adopts the Statewide School Food Service program, will local school administrators lose decision-making power over our own district’s food program?


No. ARAMARK works with individual districts to set menus, budgets, guarantees, investments, staffing, and selection of on site management team, including Food Service director. In addition, early termination of existing contracts is not necessary; Districts can choose to join program in advance of current contract expiration. In other words, local school districts retain ultimate control of their programs.


5. I am concerned that my school district switching onto the Statewide School Food Service Program means that local food service employees will lose their jobs.


Just as stated above, districts maintain ultimate control of their programs, including staffing.


6. Who can I contact if I have any questions about the School Food Service Program?


Please contact ARAMARK Food & Nutrition Services:


Dennis Gomez, District Manager

Email: gomez-dennis@aramark.com


Saturday, December 20th, 2008 | Author:

ARAMARK Education was recently featured in USA Today for its new Cool*Caf™ elementary program designed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption, speed of service and increase student satisfaction and meal participation. To read the USA Today article, click here.

In Rhode Island, the Meadowbrook Farms and Frenchtown Elementary Schools at East Greenwich participated in the pilot phase of this program (see before & after photo gallery below) and recently the program was implemented at Windsor elementary in Smithfield.

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Brochure for parents containing general information about the R.I. School Food and Nutrition Program.

Monday, December 01st, 2008 | Author:

Rhode Island Wellness Wise Newsletter for Parents, December 2008


  • Rhode Island Harvest Fest
  • Building Community: Election Day Painting Party at Scituate, RI
  • Smart Snacking Tips

Click here to download PDF