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Lincoln Garden Due to the efforts of School Nurse Teacher Rita Kinniburgh, students at Northern Elementary School in Lincoln are working plots in the school garden for the 9th year in a row. Established in 2006 by Rita and her students, the garden enjoys support from the school's PTA as well as community businesses like Conklin Sand and Limestone and Anderson Farms.
Principal Michele Sharpe proudly shows off Northern Elementary's "Helping Hands Garden". There are nine different beds, which are currently planted with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and flowers. The entire school benefits from having an active and thriving garden space. Two different groups in "The Garden Club" meet weekly after school to plant and tend the garden. In between, students from various classrooms visit the garden to explore educational opportunities. Students in the music, speech and art class get to enjoy the garden from the windows that look out upon it. Teachers and administrators sit at the picnic tables to eat their lunch or to take fresh air breaks during the school day.
A new greenhouse shelf was recently used to germinate flowers that students gave their mom's for Mother's Day. The next event planned is an annual salad celebration. At the end of each school year, students harvest the lettuce they have grown to prepare a big salad. Combined with additional donations from Aramark and parents, the salad is dressed and served to the entire student body.
Once school let's out for the summer, student and teacher volunteers tend the garden so that it is in good shape when everyone returns in the autumn.
Northern Elementary School has developed a model "Edible Education" program that is truly valued, as proven by the activity and support of the entire school community
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