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naylorChef Manager – Kaitlin Naylor
William M. Davies High School

Born and raised in North Scituate Rhode Island, Kaitlin graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Service Management from Johnson & Wales University. Kaitlin joined the Aramark team in January 2013 with a strong background in restaurant and banquet food service.

Kaitlin’s first responsibility was to revamp and upgrade the food and service at the International Charter School in Pawtucket. Working closely with the school administration, Kaitlin re-organized the kitchen staff and the service to provide healthy, from “scratch” meals for the students. In March Kaitlin was promoted to Chef Manager at the Scituate Public Schools. Here she reduced costs by implementing Aramark’s Food Management initiative and increased sales by implementing innovative a la carte items.

In late Spring Kaitlin represented Aramark, around the state, at school Health Fairs teaching students the importance of healthy living.

In July Kaitlin was again promoted to a larger account at William M. Davies High School. Kaitlin is working cooperatively with Faculty Chef Instructors to create menus that showcase Davies culinary students’ skills as they help Aramark food service staff in the preparation and cooking of daily meals.

When asked about working with the Rhode Island Aramark Team during their statewide partnership with RIDE Kaitlin expressed “it is a gratifying experience and I like having the opportunity to affect children’s lives in a positive and proactive way which makes what we do worthwhile.”

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Wood River Junction, RI: As part of a collaborative effort between school administration and Aramark staff, every student that was taking NECAPs in October was offered a full hot breakfast, replacing the beverage and snack that had been offered in previous years.
“We served over 11,000 breakfasts during the course of the eight days of testing.” reports Jeffrey Powell, Aramark Food Service Director. “The research overwhelmingly points to the tangible benefit a full breakfast has on increased testing scores and, as foodservice provider, we wanted to find a way to help Chariho students perform at their peak.”
Greg Zenion, Principal of the Middle School had this to say: “Serving a full breakfast before NECAP testing was a great way to get the students ready for the testing environment. I enjoyed helping serve breakfast and it created the feeling that we were all in this together. The students were excited that we cared enough about them to serve them breakfast and make sure they were ready for the test.”
Innovative solutions and creativity in helping students flourish are a hallmark of Aramark’s approach to their clients as RIDE’s Statewide Food Service provider.
Said Chariho Regional School District Superintendent Barry Ricci: “I applaud ARAMARK’s creative initiative in coming up with a cost-effective way to ensure that all students eat a nutritious breakfast during the NECAP administration period. We all know that our students will not perform well if they are hungry. Working in coordination with our principals, ARAMARK’s district leadership team has instituted a win-win solution for Chariho students.”

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Eat the Rainbow Power PointxThe week of October 21-25th marked ARAMARK’s third annual Eat the Rainbow promotion, which runs in conjunction with the nationally recognized Food Day.
Good nutrition leads to physically and mentally healthy kids. Children who eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables naturally consume many of the nutrients essential to healthy growth and development. Pediatricians and nutritionists agree; growing children need a steady stream of vitamins and minerals. How do we ensure children are getting the variety they need?
Even adults can struggle with healthy eating despite knowing which foods are nutrient dense. Nutrition is a vast and complex subject. As adults it is difficult to know what we’re supposed to consume in the way of vitamins and nutrients so our challenge is how do we get our kids to do the same?
Five basic colors of the rainbow; green, red, blue/purple, yellow and orange coincide with the majority of important vitamins and minerals found in foods. If we can convince children to consume these five colors every day then we have also covered most of the necessary nutrients associated with a healthy lifestyle. The concept is simple and reduces nutrition to an easily understood and fun set of guidelines. Rather than telling kids to “eat your carrots” or “eat your spinach” we can suggest they, “eat the rainbow”.
National Food Day was first celebrated on October 24th, 2011. ARAMARK quickly realized that one day could not cover all the food options they wanted to offer. Food Week was born with a five day “Eat the Rainbow” promotion. There are four focused color days with a Rainbow day on Friday. During Food Week kids are encouraged to wear the color of the day and there is often a small prize or handout to go along with the day’s color. A wide array of menu options to match the day’s color is offered. Looking into the cafeteria during lunch, you can see how popular this week with the children is as a line of red-clad students wait to be served strawberry yogurt, grape tomatoes or apples on red day. The message is hitting its mark!
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