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Awarded the 2010 RI Healthy Schools Coalition Award of Honor
At the September 22, 2010 Breakfast for School Leaders

Central Falls Public Schools List of Nutrition and Physical Activity Accomplishments
as of Fall 2010

• Active, vibrant, engaged, well organized and highly supported (by District Leadership)
District Wellness Committee (includes representation from the Board of Trustees,
Superintendent, District Head Nurse, Coordinator for Family, Community & School
Partnerships, ARAMARK, URI Nutrition Educators from SNAP-Ed, Kids First, TALL
University, School Social Worker, Physical Education teachers, and more.)
• Measured Obesity District-wide: the district, with help from the URI SNAP-Ed team,
measured the BMI’s of 2,276 students (indicating just over 50% overweight or obese.) The
data was then used as an impetus for the development of age appropriate interventions
addressing health and wellness needs of students.
• Implemented Breakfast in the Classroom during 2009-2010 in all three K-5 Elementary
Schools. Participation increases are as follows:
o Margaret I. Robertson School – from 29% to 73%
o Veterans Memorial School – from 33% – 81%
o Ella Risk School – from 30% to 73%
• Implemented Breakfast in the Classroom, Fall 2010, in both PreK-K schools, Captain
Harold G. Hunt and Fairlawn Schools.
• Development of Student Centered Individual Nutrition Plans (INP’s) is Underway.
Wellness is being integrated in the 9th grade Individual Learning Plan (ILP). CF is creating
an Individual Nutrition Plan (INP) whose format, goals and tools are being based on
feedback from student focus groups. Behavioral objectives which every incoming 9th grader
will select from to focus his or her wellness efforts include: increasing fruit or vegetable
consumption, reducing soda and increasing low calorie/nutritious drinks, eating reasonable
portions, reducing screen time and increasing physical activity, and limiting fast food.
• Physical Education is a Focus in Central Falls. PE staff were given common planning
time to work on the curriculum, scheduled during the day and after school. PE Teams have
been doing K-12 Gap Analysis and Quarterly Mapping of curriculum and have been working
on scope and sequencing.
• Implemented the USDA Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program in all 5 Elementary Schools
• ARAMARK has implemented Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Bars during lunch service,
offering 6 different options, with many RI-Grown options.
• ARAMARK continues to grow the RI Farm to School Program, serving RI grown
potatoes, peaches, plums, apples, broccoli, lettuce, strawberries, carrots, and apples in
2009-2010 and adding new items like zucchini and summer squash in 2010-2011.
• Central Falls High School has implemented a Health Academy as one of the Academy
choices for Juniors and Seniors, with two Nutrition Science Classes being taught each year.
• Working with Channel One, the High School students (Juniors and Seniors) planned
and implemented a Health Fair for the entire school. The students calculated BMI’s and
performed blood pressure screenings for their peers.
• High School Sports Coaches have arranged for SNAP-Ed Nutrition Educators to meet
with their teams and teach the athletes about Sports Nutrition.
• Developed and implemented an interactive elementary level nutrition curriculum to
increase breakfast participation through specially designed nutrition games/activities used in
conjunction with the bestselling children’s book, The Hatseller and the Monkeys. All students
at Veteran’s Memorial were taught the importance of breakfast in order to provide energy,
reduce absences and increase grades and test scores.
• Implemented a Summer School Institute, “Read, Talk and Play.” Teachers used
children’s literature to teach health/wellness to over 650 students. URI SNAP-Ed
provided 68 book kits and curriculum and an additional 70 library books with the goal of
increasing fruit, vegetable and whole grain consumption in children. Chefs from Johnson
& Wales University conducted healthy foods cooking demos with students.
• To address nutrition in the home, working with Kids First and URI SNAP-Ed, Parent
Newsletters were developed and mailed to all families of children in the district. Topics
included healthy eating strategies on a limited food budget.
• CF High School hosted a Biggest Loser Contest, a three month competition with 24 staff
participating. There were weekly weigh-ins and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prizes for the biggest
losers (highest percentage of body weight.)
• A Central Falls Public Schools ShapeUp Team was organized and competed in the 2010
ShapeUp RI competition.
• The District Wellness Committee was exemplary in how it handled the H1N1 virus
outbreak, recognized for having the state’s highest percentage of its students

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