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Thursday, April 30th, 2015 | Author:

Chariho Amp Up CartRecently the Chariho Regional School District was awarded a grant from the New England Dairy & Food Council in order to help boost the sales of milk and dairy items.
At the request of Laurie Weber, principal of Chariho High School, the funds were used to purchase a breakfast cart to be placed in the hallway so that students had access to a breakfast meal on their way to class.
Ms. Weber was an instrumental part of raising awareness that a good breakfast fuels the learning process.
Jeff Powell, FSD at Chariho, reports that breakfast sales have increased three fold and that they are now selling over 100 smoothies per day. “The breakfast cart has been a real enhancement to our program here at Chariho. So much so that we are looking into putting one in the middle school as well.”

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Monday, December 09th, 2013 | Author:

Wood River Junction, RI: As part of a collaborative effort between school administration and Aramark staff, every student that was taking NECAPs in October was offered a full hot breakfast, replacing the beverage and snack that had been offered in previous years.
“We served over 11,000 breakfasts during the course of the eight days of testing.” reports Jeffrey Powell, Aramark Food Service Director. “The research overwhelmingly points to the tangible benefit a full breakfast has on increased testing scores and, as foodservice provider, we wanted to find a way to help Chariho students perform at their peak.”
Greg Zenion, Principal of the Middle School had this to say: “Serving a full breakfast before NECAP testing was a great way to get the students ready for the testing environment. I enjoyed helping serve breakfast and it created the feeling that we were all in this together. The students were excited that we cared enough about them to serve them breakfast and make sure they were ready for the test.”
Innovative solutions and creativity in helping students flourish are a hallmark of Aramark’s approach to their clients as RIDE’s Statewide Food Service provider.
Said Chariho Regional School District Superintendent Barry Ricci: “I applaud ARAMARK’s creative initiative in coming up with a cost-effective way to ensure that all students eat a nutritious breakfast during the NECAP administration period. We all know that our students will not perform well if they are hungry. Working in coordination with our principals, ARAMARK’s district leadership team has instituted a win-win solution for Chariho students.”

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Wednesday, November 26th, 2008 | Author:

As reported by The Providence Journal on November 24 2008, ARAMARK Education and the Chariho Regional School District began the implementation phase of a new computer cash register system. This automated system called Nutrikids is designed to increase speed of service by reducing cash handling and offering prepayment services. The system is also intended to protect student privacy by eliminating the need for lunch cards and rosters. Parents also can enjoy the convenience of 24/7 access to account balances, purchase history and online payment at All school districts participating in the Rhode Island Statewide School Food Service program will be able to utilize this system.

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