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The start of the school year can be hectic for both parent and students, but this year at school district across RI, Aramark managers were there to help! Aramark managers participated in open house events in districts across the state including Pawtucket (pictured), Cranston, Johnston and Westerly to help families navigate the start of the school year process. Aramark tables at open house events included information on this year’s new meal benefit application, the online pre-payment system, the current year’s lunch menu and other district-specific initiatives. Tables also featured a healthy snack of locally grown apples from Hill Orchards in Johnston and coloring materials featuring Aramark’s elementary school mascot, Ace the Fox, providing students with information on the importance of healthy eating and physical activity.

Below, Aramark managers Tara Charette and Will Van Patter from Pawtucket Public Schools provide information to parents on upcoming events including the start of Pawtucket’s COZ program on 10/13 which features after school dinners provided by Aramark. Pawtucket’s evening meal program is currently the largest program of this nature in the state!

pawtucket article_tara

pawtucket article_will

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ABC day 9172015_3On Thursday, September 17th, thousands of Aramark employees nationwide participated in Aramark Building Community Day: a day set aside each year for volunteering and giving back to each region’s local community. As big of an impact that this event creates, it also provides a snapshot of what is already occurring in our company as we daily enrich and nourish the lives of the people we interact with. Participation was widespread this year and the impact that it made even more so.

Our Rhode Island food and facilities team were eager to participate in this event in our own area, and spent the day volunteering at the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. Their commitment to distribute food to the needy and to end hunger made them the perfect choice for us to partner with for this event. 15 people from our region took an afternoon away from the office to sort through the donated food and assist in any way they could. As a result, the food we organized was able to be distributed more quickly to reach the people that depend on it all over the state. This day made such a substantial impact and The Rhode Island Community Food Bank was so grateful for our help.

We were thankful that we got the chance to participate and serve our local food bank. We look forward to what good Aramark Building Community Day will bring next year, and in the meantime will be continuing our commitment to enriching the lives of others each and every day.


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National Association of Town Watch (NATW) is a national organization to bring communities together by promoting crime prevention in the community and across the nation. National Night Out (NNO) is one of the major campaigns of the organization. Over 16,000 communities host an event to promote the police to community partnership. The events can be block parties, festivals, BBQ or many other various activities. The event is the held on the first Tuesday of August annually.

Central Falls Police Department and Central Falls Prevention Coalition host a block party with the help of many sponsors; Aramark being one of them. The goal of the event is to build a relationship between the community and the police department. The festival included fun activities such as Sumo Wrestlers, A Dunk Tank, as well as booths with representatives from organizations from around the community for residents to view the resources available. The event was held at Jenks Park on the Broad Street Side.

Aramark collaborated with the Central Falls Park and Rec department to cleanup Jenks Park, the morning of the event, to have it ready for the evening festivities. Multiple managers from around the state volunteered their time to assist with the process. During the evening Aramark hosted the BBQ for the event which included donating: hamburgers, hot dogs, watermelon, chips, lemonade, and cookies. We hope to be able to be part of this important event for many years to come.

CF Clean Up

Managers that assisted with Clean up and the BBQ and the Districts they represent

Tricia Wright-Central Falls, International Charter School and William M. Davies

Danielle Landry- Central Falls, International Charter School

Kaitlin Naylor-Westerly, Narragansett

Christine Barnes-North Providence


Managers that assisted with the cleanup and the Districts they represent

Genevieve Pearson-Johnston, Smithfield, Block Island

Andrew Viveiros- Lincoln, North Smithfield

Brett Nadeau-Coventry, Exeter-West Greenwich

Brenda Forgue- William M. Davies

Jeff Powell-Chariho

Derek Hague-Warwick


Managers that assisted with the BBQ and the districts they represent

Dennis Gomez-Aramark District Manager State of RI

Jessica Patrolia-Pawtucket

Will Van Patter-Pawtucket

Tara Charette-Pawtucket

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PAWTUCKET – This vote was far less controversial.

The Pawtucket School Committee last week signed a contract extension with food service vendor Aramark, saying they were happy to do so after the company’s performance in its first year feeding city students.

Aramark came in when the local school district was in a “scary place” last November after former food service provider Sodexo walked out, said School Committee Chairman Michael Araujo, and the state-approved vendor took the reins the day before Thanksgiving without missing a beat.

Members of the School Committee voted last November to rescind a three-year contract with Sodexo after officials from the Rhode Island Department of Education took issue with the board going with a company other than the lowest bidder, Chartwells.

A controversial vote last June to sign with Sodexo over Chartwells, despite Chartwells coming in with a bid $171,000 less, prompted a threat of legal action from the spurned vendor and warnings from R.I.D.E. that the school district could lose $4 million in meal reimbursements if it didn’t restart the bidding process.

With the state’s master vendor list available to them as an alternative to the bid process, school officials decided to sign with state vendor Aramark.

Going with Aramark gave the school board the option of starting the bid process again this year, but they now say they have no reason to move away from the company since they’re happy with the service and the financial terms of the agreement stay exactly the same.

School Committee member Joe Knight congratulated the company for taking over “in such a difficult situation,” with just two weeks’ worth of transition time.

Supt. Patti DiCenso said Aramark workers were “amazingly efficient” with their “seamless transition” to Pawtucket, “acclimating in some very good ways.”

Students have given their approval to the new lunch program at every turn, said DiCenso. One of the best examples was when local high school students were tweeting and Snapchatting Aramark’s “make your own burger” bar as “the coolest thing that ever happened in high school,” she said.

DiCenso said she wants to see what Aramark can do with a whole year to plan their strategy instead of just a few weeks.

School Committee member Erin Dube said she and colleague Kim Grant visited the schools last fall expecting to find “some chaos,” but could find nothing but positives after the new company took over.

Aramark officials said there were some adjustments to be made on the fly, but they were able to take advantage of the knowledge from existing staff who “love the kids and love serving them well.” They said staff and students have noticed the difference in the food since Aramark took over.

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Summer MealsPublished: July 30, 2015 | Last Modified: July 30, 2015 09:53AM

WESTERLY — Dozens of the Westerly school district’s students are continuing to receive nutritious meals even though school’s out for the summer, thanks to a partnership with the state.

About 85 children enrolled in Westerly Public Schools’ summer programs have the opportunity to have free breakfast, lunch and a snack Monday through Friday during the more than monthlong summer session that ends in the middle of August.

All breakfast meals and lunches are bagged. Breakfast includes milk, vegetable or fruit and a grain/bread, like a blueberry muffin, for example. Lunch includes milk, vegetable or fruit, grain/bread and a meat or meat alternative.

Snacks choices are celery sticks with sunflower-seed butter or pretzels with yogurt, among others.

Kaitlin Naylor, the director of Westerly Public Schools’ food-service provider Aramark, said officials have been serving about 15 breakfast meals, 50 to 60 lunches and 60 snacks per day.

Beginning last week, Aramark also started using fresh, organic produce like lettuce, tomatoes, zucchini, summer squash and green and yellow wax beans from Hillandale Farm in Westerly.

Food is prepared on-site at Tower Street School Community Center.

“It’s important for Aramark and Westerly Public Schools to serve summer meals because it greatly helps the families of those enrolled during the summer months,” Naylor said. “Parents/guardians don’t have to worry about packing lunches and their children receive a nutritious meal made fresh daily.

“Aramark also has a strong sense of community and this new program helps us get our foot in the door with Westerly as this is our first year as their food-service provider.”

The summer meal program is in collaboration with the Rhode Island Department of Education. According to its Admin Guide for Sponsors of the Summer Program, the Summer Food Service Program was established “to ensure that low-income children continue to receive nutritious meals when school is not in session.”

Naylor said, “Like the National School Lunch Program, the Summer Food Service Program works because the district is able to claim meals through the state and receive reimbursements.”

Superintendent Roy Seitsing­er Jr. called the summer meal program “an excellent opportunity for our children and families” and said it’s just the beginning.

“Kaitlin Naylor and I have plans to open a walk-in meal site summer 2016,” he said, “giving us a bit of time to plan appropriately.”

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ICS Try it Tuesdays.pngInternational Charter School (ICS), which serves kindergarten through fifth grade, is an innovative school which appreciates “outside the box” thinking. An initiative aptly named “Try It Tuesday’s” began when Aramark and ICS collaborated to expand the flavor palates of the children who attend this charter school. Open to all suggestions, Aramark created a varied menu of distinctive, nutritious, and flavor-filled entrees to challenge and entice the appetites of children of all ages. Entrees like Korean Beef Fajitas, Chicken Jambalaya, and Mexican Lasagna send exotic culturally diverse aromas swarming throughout the school hallways. Each child receives a colorful “Try It” sticker, displaying their willingness to experience a culinary world with which they may not be accustomed to. “Try It Tuesday’s” has shown itself to be a successful program; with the creative assistance and experience of the Aramark culinary team, we look forward to continuing to provide unique menu selections for the children of ICS.

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Chariho Amp Up CartRecently the Chariho Regional School District was awarded a grant from the New England Dairy & Food Council in order to help boost the sales of milk and dairy items.
At the request of Laurie Weber, principal of Chariho High School, the funds were used to purchase a breakfast cart to be placed in the hallway so that students had access to a breakfast meal on their way to class.
Ms. Weber was an instrumental part of raising awareness that a good breakfast fuels the learning process.
Jeff Powell, FSD at Chariho, reports that breakfast sales have increased three fold and that they are now selling over 100 smoothies per day. “The breakfast cart has been a real enhancement to our program here at Chariho. So much so that we are looking into putting one in the middle school as well.”

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Lincoln Garden Due to the efforts of School Nurse Teacher Rita Kinniburgh, students at Northern Elementary School in Lincoln are working plots in the school garden for the 9th year in a row. Established in 2006 by Rita and her students, the garden enjoys support from the school's PTA as well as community businesses like Conklin Sand and Limestone and Anderson Farms.
Principal Michele Sharpe proudly shows off Northern Elementary's "Helping Hands Garden". There are nine different beds, which are currently planted with lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and flowers. The entire school benefits from having an active and thriving garden space. Two different groups in "The Garden Club" meet weekly after school to plant and tend the garden. In between, students from various classrooms visit the garden to explore educational opportunities. Students in the music, speech and art class get to enjoy the garden from the windows that look out upon it. Teachers and administrators sit at the picnic tables to eat their lunch or to take fresh air breaks during the school day.
A new greenhouse shelf was recently used to germinate flowers that students gave their mom's for Mother's Day. The next event planned is an annual salad celebration. At the end of each school year, students harvest the lettuce they have grown to prepare a big salad. Combined with additional donations from Aramark and parents, the salad is dressed and served to the entire student body.
Once school let's out for the summer, student and teacher volunteers tend the garden so that it is in good shape when everyone returns in the autumn.
Northern Elementary School has developed a model "Edible Education" program that is truly valued, as proven by the activity and support of the entire school community
Lincoln Garden_2

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